It’s all about relevance



Even though the past year confronted us with some of the biggest challenges we have experienced, it was also a year full of confidence and optimism. Our company reached the milestone of being present for the first 25 years. But above all, our customer’s choices showed us that when facing difficult times, quality trumps quantity!

It has been a dream for us that Nimbus would one day be recognized as the go-to-brand when it comes to premium Scandinavian designs in an unmistakable quality. The feedback we got in 2020 exceeded all expectations. Despite the extraordinary challenges we can now thank all our customers for their loyalty and support in a year with record-breaking months and a historic demand for our styles, ending 2020 on a high. We still have lots of dreams to realize. However with extraordinaire focus on what we do best, I am sure that we are on the right path. Looking forward to continue our joint efforts for a business focusing on sustainable Scandinavian Quality and Design in 2021.

Lars Hammer
CEO and Founder, Nimbus Nordic A/S