To whom it may concern,

Our company is committed to avoiding and addressing adverse impacts on the basic principles for social, environmental, and economic development that we cause, contribute, or are linked to via our business relationships. Through our membership of UN’s Global Compact, we seek the inspiration to treat these challenges in the most professional way.

Therefore, we strive to ensure that our own company as well as our suppliers operate in accordance with the requirements of our Code of Conduct and thereby work towards alignment with the internationally recognised principles for sustainable development.

We recognise that establishing the required processes outlined in the Code of Conduct requires both time and resources; especially in the initial phases. The Code of Conduct should therefore be understood as a tool for cooperation and dialogue about improving systems to manage adverse impacts on human rights, including labour rights, the environment, and anti-corruption.

We focus on our suppliers’ ability and willingness to demonstrate continuous improvements in meeting the requirements of the Code of Conduct. We feel confident that cooperation and dialogue can result in a more efficient partnership, from which both parties will benefit.

Several of our suppliers are certified by, international social compliance, experts, such as BSCI, Asia Inspection and WRAP. Nimbus Nordic A/S acknowledge the efforts documented by these certificates, but continues to push for more ambitious scores and achievements, in order to full fill our own goals stated in our Code Of Conduct.

Please refer to the Code of Conduct for more information about the specific details. If you have any questions regarding our Code of Conduct, or our responsible supply chain management programme in general, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

Kind regards,

Nimbus Nordic A/S


Download a copy of the full COP report here

Download a copy of the Code Of Conduct here

Download a copy of the Code Of Conduct guide here




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